The Future Needs Me

Recruiting Film

Pioneering Progress, Shaping Tomorrow: Meet the Future of Pipeline Sustainability

Explore the world of Boardwalk Pipelines through the lives of its dedicated professionals. Jenny, a project manager, efficiently coordinates field operations while meticulously documenting environmental reports. James, working amidst lush forests, ensures pipeline integrity with cutting-edge technology. Claudia, a proactive project manager, facilitates seamless communication between the office and the construction site.

As we delve into their daily routines, listen to their personal stories, highlighting the pivotal role young professionals play in the midstream industry. Witness their commitment to creating a positive impact on our planet.

This film provides an authentic insight into the dedicated individuals who are shaping the pipeline industry and actively working towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. The hope is to inspire and recruit the next generation.

Client: Boardwalk Pipelines

Executive Producer: Justin Sweidel

Director & Writer: Christopher Shepherd

Producer: Jessica Flores

Cinematographer: Bryce Saucier

1st AC: Kerwin Escobar

Gaffer: Duncan Johnson

Grip: Michael Winland

Art Department: Duy Hoang

Location Audio: John Guel

HMU: Victoria Callaway, Jini Baez

PA’s: Miranda Fetahu, Sebastian Espinoza

Edit & Sound Design: Eddie Cantu

Sound Mix: Christopher Bourque

Color: Dan Diaz

Talent: Aixa Tovar, Robert Davis Sr, Sandy Garza, Ashton Jones, Anupama Damarakonda, Dylan Pierce

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