About Us

Timber Pictures is Houston’s premiere creative production house.

We envision a world where creatives of all kinds come together in Houston, empowered by a working model of purposeful collaboration.

How we work

Serving as a full-service video production and creative partner, we bring ambitious visions into reality. By using a collaborative storytelling approach our dynamic creative teams deliver unique perspective to every opportunity.




We begin by getting everyone in the same room to understand the opportunity. Exploring the details in a guided conversation led by our team.



Once we've grasped the opportunity, we begin drafting a plan. Aligning our team and yours around a tactical path toward an effective solution.



After our vision is aligned, we build the best crew to make it happen. Combining our in-house resources and your key stakeholders for an efficient project.



With a process-oriented plan in hand, we deploy our crew to execute the work grounded in organized efficiency. Completing every task with a problem-solving mindset and surgical attention to detail.



Following the thorough completion of every project deliverable, we hand off the solution to your challenge. Accomplishing what we set out to achieve as one connected team.



Partnering for project-based or ongoing support such as storyboarding, writing, research, and much more. We can help you frame your project, solidify your vision, and articulate your story.


Supporting you in narrative development, branded content, documentary, commercial film, animation, and photography. With deep roots in film production we can tell a story to shake up your category.


Whether you need us to supply the entire team or simply muscle up your existing resources we’re here to help your next shoot day.


Our team provides post-production support such as editing, color grading, sound design, and sound mastering.

Tell stories that inspire new realities.

Great brands are built with hard work, deliberate intention, and enduring purpose. They are architected through time by designing culture and telling great stories.

We amplify striking brands through collaborative storytelling. Orchestrating teams to deliver creative work at the highest caliber. By listening, learning, and refining what we do as a team every day, for the ones we serve.

We want to see Houston and our broader region become a creative hub that unites the creative class. A class that has the power to unleash a wave of creativity over all the south. Because we’re ready to see talented individuals come together for a greater purpose.

For anyone with a story to tell…
For creatives looking for a home...
And for those, simply looking to the future…

Welcome to collaborative storytelling for every endeavor.

The Eller Wagon Works Building is our historic home in downtown Houston.

Located in Downtown Houston, our team calls the historic Eller Wagon Works Building home. Built in 1909 to support rapid economic expansion, we carry that mission forward in earnest. Operating with the same hunger and belief that there is much more to come for Houston and beyond.

By building Timber Pictures here, we help connect Houston’s hard working roots to the enduring persistence of Houston’s creative ecosystem. Because we believe that the more we understand Houston’s past, the more we can do for its future.

Our people

Justin Sweidel
Executive Producer & Founder

As founder and executive producer, Justin Sweidel drives Timber Pictures forward. Originally studying to become a Civil Engineer, Justin picked up a camera for the first time over a decade ago and has never looked back. First helping build Petro, a video-first production company, until its acquisition by Timber Pictures, the multi-faceted creative house you see today.

Justin is a champion of the creative class and eager to witness a creative renaissance come to fruition for Houston and beyond. Away from the office, you’ll find Justin exploring Houston with his wife Krista and daughter Charlie, bringing brilliance and warmth to everyone they encounter.