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Tenaris Bay City is one of the largest and most advanced automated steel mills in the world.

A Commitment to Matagorda County

Welcome to Tenaris, Texas

A Commitment to Matagorda County

Welcome to Tenaris, Texas

Tenaris Bay City is one of the most technologically advanced pipe mills in the world - feeding off raw steel and turning it into state of the art pipe for any application, it’s truly a masterpiece of engineering. This process is extremely automated, making the process safer and more efficient to deliver this pipe directly to the United States.

We took a documentary approach - finding members of the community who have a well known voice in their town, and take the viewer on a journey into the Bay City atmosphere. We also chose to dive into the story of people who have been deeply impacted by Tenaris opening this plant, forever changing their education and careers.

For the business facing film, we wanted to convey as much information in the shortest period of time - connecting with the market in the Permian Basin. Our goal was to show consumers of pipe that it makes more sense to utilize the experience, efficiency and logistics of Tenaris to complete their projects.


American Advertising Awards: Bronze - Sound Design

Client: Tenaris

Director: Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour

Producer: Christopher Shepherd

Director of Photography: Justin Sweidel

Assistant Camera: Cameron Butterfield

Additional Footage/Drone: Droneworks

Stock Footage: Pond5

Editor: Cameron Butterfield

Sound Mix/Master: Christopher Bourque

Color/Finishing: Justin Sweidel

Voiceover: Rick Lance

Music: Following You - Eternal Life | Marco Martini - Icarus | Marc Robillard - Forget

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“This film was designed to capture the attention of the community we are joining. This was the story we aimed to tell.”