Round Rock Honey

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Round Rock Honey is a mom-and pop shop that's becoming a fixture in peoples kitchens all over Texas.

Round Rock Honey is a mom-and pop shop that's becoming a fixture in peoples kitchens all over Texas. As we built a relationship with their team and owner during our initial research, we learned that central Texas is home to the widest variety of plants on earth. This array of plants shapes flavor profiles of honey that cannot be found elsewhere, Round Rock's honey is absolutely one of a kind.

This honey is harvested and bottled by a small, passionate team who truly cherish the work they do. This team is led by Konrad Bouffard, who started keeping bees in his backyard while working in another field, but his passion for honey grew and still does. Konrad’s competitive, entrepreneurial spirit turned his hobby into the businesses that you see today, and they've flourished as their fan base has grown throughout Texas.

Konrad told us that the team there is just so finely tuned, that it’s hard to find others that can keep up. They plan to stay as small as possible to keep the quality that people expect from them.

The story of a bee producing honey, and beekeepers harvesting it, is uniquely fascinating. We were hired by The Chamber to create the 2 minute film; but we felt there was a deeper story that needed more time to unfold. When we filmed with the team, we captured every facet of the harvest and bottling process - from opening the hive, to uncapping and extracting the honey, to the final bottling. The director's cut recognizes a deeper story and shows us the beauty of bees, beekeepers and the distribution of the most authentic honey in Texas.


60 Seconds or Less Video Festival: Official Selection
American Advertising Awards: Gold - Cinematography
American Advertising Awards: Silver - Sound Design
The Telly Awards: Silver - Branded Content Sustainability

Clients: Round Rock Chamber & Round Rock Honey

Directors: Christopher Shepherd & Justin Sweidel

Assistant Director: Frederik Engell Trampe

Director of Photography: Justin Sweidel

Assistant Camera: Ian Leonard

Editor/Sound Design: Sarah Krusen

Sound Mix/Master: Christopher Bourque

Color/Finishing: Justin Sweidel

Music: Tristan Barton - Revelations | The Soundkeeper - But as the Radiance Left Your Eyes | Tristan Barton - Wonder | Kevin Graham - Life | Roary - Beacon

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"These stories are fantastic. You can really feel the atmosphere of the community”

Round Rock Chamber