Cutter Aviation

Brand Film

A Phillips 66 story glimpsing into an aviator and his families history in the Southwest United States.

An FBO (Fixed Based Operator) is where aviators store aircraft, refuel, recharge and hop to their next destination. FBO’s are scattered all over the world - and we found ourselves telling the story of the oldest one in the United States, Cutter Aviation. The Cutter family owns and operates a family of these bases throughout the southwest US, and are revered as the gold standard in this business. Bill Cutter’s father started the aviation company nearly a century ago, and they are now moving into 4th generation ownership. Bill Cutter passed away in 2018 and we are honored to have had the opportunity to tell his story, which is filled with hilarious stories, kindness and character.

This commercial film was created for Phillips 66 Aviation after Cutter received a Lifetime Achievement Award for their service and sales of Phillips 66 Aviation fuel, and upholding the standards of the brand for nearly a century.

Client: Phillips 66 Aviation

Directors: Christopher Shepherd & Justin Sweidel

Producer: Christopher Shepherd

Director of Photography: Justin Sweidel

Second Camera: Christopher Shepherd

Editor: Cameron Butterfield

Sound Design/Mix/Color/Finishing: Justin Sweidel

Music: Alon Ohana - Red Room | Kevin Graham - Cerulea

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“When you watch the film, it’s like Bill Cutter is right in front of you, you can feel him.“

Phillips 66