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The finest shirts in the world, handmade in Houston, TX since 1883.

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Hamilton Shirts is the oldest family owned business in Houston, TX. It’s owned by the 4th generation of Hamiltons, and has been in the family since 1883. The history of this company is rich and the roots predate the styles and trends of today. They’ve persevered through the decades with this mantra, “Crafting America’s Finest Shirts Since 1883”.  Since their inception, they’ve been helping all types of people find the perfect fit, the perfect fabric and, if needed, the perfect custom hidden pocket.

When we walked into Hamilton Shirts for the very first time, to get to know the family and see the shirt making process, it felt a bit like walking into a hotel, or spa, not shopping for clothes. Jim has an eye for fashion and quality fabric. He was also quite vocal about our choice of short sleeve, button down shirts upon our first meeting. After a few laughs about showing elbows in his store, he excitedly showed us the in and outs of Hamilton Shirts. He entertained us with vivid stories of patrons, all the way back into the 1940’s, and showed us old photos and articles to emphasize the deep, Houstonian roots. The store is now a historical marker, made official by the plaque given to them by the state of Texas, but the true history lives in the stories that are told by the family.


American Advertising Awards: Gold - Video Editing
American Advertising Awards: Silver - Branded Content more than 60 seconds
American Advertising Awards: Silver - Cinematography
Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival: Official Selection
Fashion Film Festival Chicago: Official Selection
Fashion Film Festival Milano: Official Selection
Seattle Fashion Film Festival: Official Selection
The Telly Awards: Gold - Branded Content Biography
The Telly Awards: Gold - Branded Content Beauty, Fashion, & Lifestyle
The Telly Awards: Silver - Branded Content Editing
The Telly Awards: Silver - Branded Content Cinematography
The Telly Awards: Silver - Branded Content Documentary
Worldfest Houston International Film Festival: Remi Winner

Client: Hamilton Shirts

PR Firm: Public Content

Directors: Justin Sweidel & Frederik Engell Trampe

Producer: Christopher Shepherd

Director of Photography: Justin Sweidel

Assistant Camera: Ian Leonard

Hair/MU: Tonya Riner

Production Assistant: Gabriel King

Editor/Sound Design: Samuel Baiamonte

Logo Animation: Cameron Butterfield

Sound Mix/Master: Christopher Bourque

Color/Finishing: Justin Sweidel

Music: Audrey Spillman - Wreck me Instrumental | Jimmy Walter - Easy | Danny Stewart - I’ll Change My Ways | Tolo - Easy Love Instrumental

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"You guys did a fantastic job. Hard to make an old fart like me look good. I am very excited to share the video with customers and friends.”

Jim Hamilton