Block 185

Brand Film

The construction team that controlled chaos for 36 straight hours downtown Austin, TX.

DPR Construction competes with the best in their business, and they build some of the most iconic buildings in the United States. In Austin, Texas the skyline is becoming easier to recognize, and DPR Construction is responsible for over two-thirds of it.

Block 185 is going to be one of the most iconic skyscrapers added to the Austin Skyline and DPR was chosen to complete the project - from start to finish. Block 185 is one of the largest self performed projects DPR has ever done, and their team knew a film would be the best way to show how complex the process is. The story starts at the foundation but in this case the foundation, or mat, is much higher stakes than what most would expect. With a cost in the 10’s of millions, the mat must be poured perfectly in order to pass inspection and keep the 720,000 square foot building project on schedule.

The most challenging aspect of this, from a construction perspective as well as a filmmaking perspective, is that the cement being poured cannot stop for 36 hours. Having our team understand where and when things were happening was crucial, in order to capture the moments that drive the story.

Thanks to DPR, we were able to work together to plan and accomplish what we intended, creating a documentary style film that showed the complexity, magnitude and success of the largest mat pour that has ever taken place in Austin. This film now works to advertise the self performance capabilities of DPR Construction nationwide.


The Telly Awards: Bronze - Branded Content Live Experiences

Client: DPR Construction

Directors: Christopher Shepherd & Justin Sweidel

Assistant Director: Frederik Engell Trampe

Producer: Christopher Shepherd

Director of Photography: Justin Sweidel

Assistant Camera: Ian Leonard

Drone: Andrew Stavis

Editor: Jonathan Marzolla

Sound Mix/Master: Christopher Bourque

Color/Finishing: Justin Sweidel

Music: Max H. - On the Edge

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“When the team and I first watched this, we got chills. WELL DONE team! We are very impressed!”

DPR Construction